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Positive and Negative Effects of Online Marketing

Some of us know that online marketing is the way to success for most business companies because everyone can access the Internet making businesses always open day and night. It means that online marketing is really a big advantage to your business.

Many successful business owners forget to ask themselves some tough questions about what they are doing, what their expectations, and what plans to make for them to meet their expectations.

Here are some positive and negative effects of online marketing to keep in mind as you analyze your internet marketing strategy.

Advantages of Online Marketing:

Since your store is always open, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Your customers are worldwide, and they shop anytime they want.

The cost of spreading your message is next to nothing.

Emailing your subscription base is more often cheaper than sending letter through the mail.

Updating your subscribers can be done almost instantly through email. Visitors to your website can get up- to- the- minute information on each visit.

If your business is an information sensitive business, such as a law firm, newspaper or online magazine, you can deliver your products directly to your customers without having to use a messenger.

Disadvantages of Online Marketing:

As we know, online marketing is not free. The cost of software, hardware, web site design, maintenance of your site, the online distribution cost and time. All must be issued into the cost of providing your service or product.

There is so much information in the World Wide Web now, sometimes hard to tell the difference between crap and quality. Many craps are targeted at newbie’s.

It can leave a businessman feeling isolated. This is a very common situation because the World Wide Web is faceless. Most cases, it can appear cold and inhuman. This can leave you feeling isolated and inward.

Information overload. We get to the part of there being a lot of information on the World Wide Web. Also, there can be too much good information too. A lot of competition for an industry, and this can leave you more confused than if there were presented with loads of craps and you might not be able to tell who to choose.


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  1. Nice blog..very interesting post. we cannot avoid disadvantages in our business aspect..god bless keep up the good work:-)

    Comment by virtual assistant | May 6, 2008 | Reply

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